Our Vision 2050: Quality of Network

A high-quality network to support Schiphol's important socio-economic role

Maintaining a high-quality network is an essential pillar of our Vision 2050. Air connectivity is key to the economic and broader societal wellbeing of the Randstad region and the wider Netherlands. The COVID-19 pandemic has made Schiphol’s role in this regard even more important: the Dutch economy is highly globalised, and the recovery of our industries requires strong air transport connections.

Quality of Network
Results 2020
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direct destinations from Schiphol
Facts and figures
air transport movements at Schiphol
  • Role of cargo becomes more important during the pandemic

    Schiphol's cargo operations were a relative bright spot for our Group in 2020. Cargo became an increasingly important contributor to the quality of our network.

Passenger volumes and growth by continent in 2020

Passenger volume at Schiphol in millions (growth/decrease versus 2019; excluding transit direct)

Cargo volumes and growth by continent

Schiphol cargo x 1,000 tonnes (growth/decrease versus 2019)

Our Vision 2050

The cornerstones of our Vision, the three Qualities – Quality of Network, Quality of Life and Quality of Service, rest on a foundation of two key enablers: Safety and a Robust organisation. Together, these fundamental pillars will guide our Group through the challenging period ahead.